How Do I Register?

Registering with Cory Bernardi Confidential is free and all members receive the famous Weekly Dose of Common Sense email.

To register, enter your email address on the home page or at the subscribe page in the box provided. We'll then send you an email to confirm your details. When you click on the link within that email you will be registered and signed in.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

Our basic membership service is free and always will be. Joining is as simple as confirming your email address through our website to get your membership started.

You'll then receive the famous Weekly Dose of Common Sense newsletter and have access to some of the Confidential community features.

If you'd like to access additional content or unlock more features you can upgrade to become a Premium Member at any time.

Why should I become a Premium Member?

Premium membership supports independent publishing and helps us present material, ideas and information that is often ignored by mainstream media.

It also provides you with direct access to Cory Bernardi’s insights and responses to the issues you raise. The posts are direct and uncensored, free from advertising and competing interests.

Remember, if what you are accessing on the internet is free then you are likely the product being sold to someone else. That doesn’t happen here.

What else do you offer?

We always try to offer our members extras. These include occasional video conferences and live stream presentations, podcasts, interviews and special member offers.

Do you offer a trial period?

Our Premium Member plans provide immediate access to all Confidential content so we don't offer a free trial period.  If you would like to try our premium service then subscribe for a month and you can cancel or upgrade at any time.

Are my details safe?

Yes. Our credit card subscription partner is Stripe which handles billions of dollars in payments every year and serves hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world.

How do I contact you?

Member’s have access to a unique email address that only accepts emails generated from within the site. That way members get the priority attention they deserve. You can access it through the Member Portal.

If you aren't a member and really need to get in touch then there is a contact form link in the footer of our website.

How do I sign in?

To access the Confidential content you will need to use your registered email address .

You can do this by clicking the Sign In link and entering your email address (it needs to be the same email address you registered with).

We will then send you an encrypted access link via email. Click on that link for immediate access.  For security purposes the link is only valid for a limited time.

If for some reason you are logged out or don't click the secure link in time, access is as simple as clicking  'Sign In' and entering your email address again to request a new login link be sent.

The email is sent automatically to the email address registered on our system. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to arrive.

If you don't receive it please:

- check you used the same email address you registered with.
- check your spam filter for the email.  

Some Bigpond addresses have two spam filters, one for PoP and the other for IMAP. If you can't find it in your regular email client then log in to your Bigpond webmail. It is most likely trapped in there.

It's always a good idea to whitelist our email address to help prevent delivery problems. Search how best to do this for your email client and whitelist emails from corybernardi.com.au and ghost.io

You should then call Bigpond and tell them to lift their game and whitelist emails from corybernardi.com.au and ghost.io 😉

How do I reset my password?

You don’t need a password. All access is via the encrypted link we send to the email address you subscribed with.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Our subscription system requires payment via a valid credit card. It is safe to use your credit card with our secure payment provider but you can still register a free account without one.

How often do you post?

Site content is updated several times per week. Some days there is a single post and other times there are multiple daily posts. They are always available to members so you can access them in your own time.

Can I change my subscription?

You can change your Premium Member subscription (from monthly to annual or vice versa) by contacting the support team. Changes come in to effect at the renewal of your existing billing period.

Will my subscription charge ever change?

Your subscription price features a lifetime guarantee. It will be maintained for as long as your subscription remains valid. If you let your subscription lapse then you will have to re-subscribe at the new rate.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time from within your account admin panel. Upon cancellation you will continue to have access until the scheduled subscription renewal date. If you change your mind before that date it is a simple one-click process from within you account admin to continue.

Can I get a refund?

Premium membership provides access to all content for the duration of your subscription and is not refundable.

Our annual plan offers a substantial saving over a monthly subscriptions but if you are undecided we suggest you subscribe for a month and then decide whether to continue or not.

How do I get support?

For priority service we suggest you contact our support team by using the webform within the member portal .

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