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Thanks for your interest in being part of the Confidential community. Our team are here to help you get the most out of your membership.

This page provides you with links and information about member services, website updates and any special announcements. It's always good to check in regularly to see what's changed.

Partner Program

The Confidential Partner Program rewards you for helping to grow our community.

Whenever you refer someone to Cory Bernardi Confidential using your individual partner link, when that person becomes a Premium Member, we share 20% of their subscription payment with you.

It's a lifetime reward so you benefit for as long as they remain a member. Your partner referral rewards are paid every month via Paypal or bank transfer.

We've teamed up with a specialist referral provider to make sure the system works perfectly and you have the resources you need to help your friends benefit from Cory Bernardi Confidential.

Registration for the Partner Program is free.  You can get involved by registering HERE.

Member Support  

We'd love to receive your suggestions and feedback, whilst offering whatever technical support with the site you need.

We offer priority support to Premium Members through the Member Support link.

If you are NOT a Premium Member please use our contact form

To minimise spam and maximise service, only emails initiated through the contact forms on this website will be received by our server.

The email address you use to contact us must be the one that you are subscribed with otherwise we will not receive your email.

Emails with attachments will not be accepted by our server so please confine your content to the body of the email  

Manage Your Account

You can make changes to your account by clicking the link above or using the Account link in the top site menu.

Members can update their billing information,  upgrade to a Premium membership or change their current status.

If you ever need to log out there is a button to do that too. 😞


Premium Members have the opportunity to post comments and engage in discussion on all site content.

Members can choose a comment name ( that's right, it doesn't have to be your real name) and it will be automatically connected to your member profile.

Regular courtesies should be adhered to and the following guidelines will ensure our community remains a positive one.

  1. Please keep your comment relevant to the subject matter.
  2. Do not use profanity, engage in personal attacks or 'identity politics'.
  3. Engage with others how you would like them to engage with you. Courtesy and common sense is always paramount.

Moderators only have two options to deal with inappropriate comments: to hide or delete them. They will not be edited so consider your contribution.

If you read a comment you consider inappropriate please let member support know and we can make an assessment of how to respond.

If your comment is moderated please don't whine about free speech or censorship. We believe in free speech but we also believe that we can apply our own standards to forums that we have created.


Your Gravatar is an image appearing beside your name when you do things like comment on a post through our website. Your Gravatar helps make you part of our community.
To create your own Gravatar  visit this site.

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