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Unconventional Weapons

The real war we are fighting has nothing to do with bullets but there is an army of trained soldiers being used against us

Pragmatism Will Send Us Broke

Some may laud political pragmatism as a virtue but in the long run it is more beneficial to politicians than the public.

Testing Your History

Finding out about your personal history can be a fun and interesting exercise. Your data can also be used by others for profit.

Misusing Public Office

The scandalous abuse of office attached to the US Democrats has far reaching consequences for the US Presidential election.

The Divide Will Only Grow

The divide between the rich and the poor is set to grow even more markedly. Here's how you can prevent being left behind.

The Real Cost of Corona

Despite being told we are all in this together, we aren't. One group of people are shouldering a much bigger burden than others but it will cost us all dearly in the long run.

Reward for Failure

Who would have guessed that repeating the mistakes of others would result in the same failure? If only Victoria had learned that lesson.

Political Forecasting

The political polls are becoming increasingly unreliable but here are a couple of useful tools with a strong track record of forecasting political results correctly.

Crypto Update

After less than a month, the volatility of my crypto portfolio is not for the faint of heart.

Cheering for Trump

When you examine the coalition of vested interests campaigning against US President Donald Trump, you'll understand why the rest of us need to cheer him on.

Preparing for the Future

Technology is changing all our lives and will continue to do so. Anticipating what might be to come could be the difference between thriving or merely surviving in the years ahead.

Today I Needed an Expert!

Specialised knowledge can be very helpful in all manner of tasks. Today an expert could have saved me hours of frustration and a few coins in the swear jar!

Listening to the Experts

In a mad, mad world why do we surrender common sense to the opinion of 'experts'?

Recession Busting Portfolios

Some investment portfolios are designed to deal with economic uncertainty. They can offer peace of mind to the average investor and help you stick to your investment plan.

Teach a Man to Fish

Being able to provide for oneself has always been a hallmark of country communities. It will be more important than ever in years to come.

Stock Market Moves

Here's one way to make sense of a stock market that is defying the current economic crisis.

Paul Murray Live

For those without Sky News, here are a couple of segments from the Paul Murray Live show I hosted recently

Something is Going to Snap

It’s as if almost everything we have come to know has been tipped on its head. Our priorities are so out of whack nothing seems to make sense anymore.

Lessons from History

Too many seem to have forgotten that the government only has money it takes from the people - one way or another.

The WDCS Podcast Archive

Out of the archives are all eighty episodes of the Weekly Dose of Common Sense podcast. Listen in and take a trip down memory lane!

Partner Program Open

We have officially launched our referral program for Premium Members. Find out how you can get involved in growing our community.