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Partner Program Open

We have officially launched our referral program. Find out how you can get involved in growing our community.

What Comes Next?

We are now the victims of the lies and self-serving actions of those we have historically trusted. It can't go on but we need to be prepared for what comes next.

Forgetting the Fundamentalists

With all that is going on in the world, we cannot afford to forget the dangerous fundamentalists in our midst.

Creating Offence

An new offence was created with just a few words and the stroke of a pen. Welcome to the left's brave new world

Oligarchs and Oppressors

The giants of technology are actively working to suppress the news they don' t want you to know about.

Busted and Broken

New health data has revealed the real problem facing the country... and it isn't the coronavirus.

Managing China

Our export reliance on China exposes our economic vulnerability. Maintaining our markets and our sovereignty will require some nimble diplomacy.

Gladys Should Go

The essential political principle of accountability should apply to leaders no matter what their other qualities.

Political Cover-Up

With so many scandals engulfing governments, how can citizens trust anything they are told any more?

XX Marks the Sport

Despite the insistence of trans-activists, there is only one fair and safe way to determine who is eligible to compete in women's sport.

Property Rights Under Attack

History has many lessons for those invested in property. The 'rights' we think we have are more vulnerable than many suspect.

Budget 2020

The budget had something for everyone, unless you are one of those left to pay it back.


Here's an update on our crypto portfolio, Australian Covid mortality figures and political debt promises. Plus, read about my 15 cent ride share!

A Billion Here...

Debt never seem to be a problem until suddenly it is. We now face a $1 trillion problem

Interest Rates to Rise

Expectations re that low interest rates are here to stay. There is now a body of thought that thinks they could rise much sooner and faster than many expect.

Obama & Clinton

Two pillars of the Democratic Party political establishment have been caught up in a scandalous abuse of power.

Trump vs Biden First Debate

The US Presidential debates may help decide who leads the free world. Share your views on who won and why.

The Value of Money

The brave new economic world means we have to reassess how we value money.

Banking on a Bailout?

The government has changed the responsible lending laws. Does that mean more irresponsible lending at taxpayer's expense?