A Hero of Freedom

CBC Team
CBC Team
A Hero of Freedom

Few have done more for the freedom movement in Australia than John Roskam of the Institute of Public Affairs.

Every cause has their heroes.

In politics it could be a Menzies, Chifley or Howard. In sport it’s a Wally Lewis, a John Eales or Stephen Kernahan.

They are the ones who are seen through the lens of history as something special.

The freaks in the left hoist mass murderers like Che Guevara, Stalin and Mao as cultural icons. Those of us with brains celebrate the lives of Burke, Reagan and Thatcher.

And in the Australian freedom space, we also recognise the contribution of John Roskam.

Roskam has been at the helm of the liberty loving Institute of Public Affairs for 17 years. He took it from a revered but insular organisation into a powerhouse of intellectual freedom.

Under Roskam’s stewardship, the IPA did the thinking and research for hundreds of members of parliament. They were the voice of the angel perched on the right shoulder of Liberal MPs offering a counter narrative to the devils seducing them on the left.

But Roskam has been much more than an agitator or thought leader. He has been an assiduous cultivator of people and ideas. Not for any nefarious purpose, just to further the cause of freedom.

The IPA has provided opportunities for young people to join the cause. It’s given them the platforms and experience to develop their skills and their intellect to become the thought leaders of tomorrow.

People like Gideon Rosner whom is a regular guest on this program are among the most articulate advocates for what we all cherish and want our future generations to experience and enjoy.

I can’t think of anyone who has done more – often behind the scenes – to further the cause I cherish, and I know most of you do too, than John Roskam.

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