Bigpond Email Address Problems

CBC Team
CBC Team
Bigpond Email Address Problems

Bigpond are unhelpful in resolving a problem they have admitted is at their end.

Someone at Bigpond email have made some recent changes to their email deliverability settings.

This means that some members are not receiving the sign-in email necessary to enter the Confidential website.

I've been in contact with them and Bigpond have acknowledged via email that the problem is with their filter settings. Unfortunately it seems when our members contact them, Bigpond deny any issue at all.

I've been through this before when we first launched the Confidential website. It was resolved but has now reoccurred.

If you are one of our members with a Bigpond email address and so this is how we have previously resolved most issues.

  1. You must sign in to your Bigpond webmail.
    This is different to your browser email and has different spam filters. The technical difference is IMAP vs PoP. The IMAP settings in Bigpond webmail override your local settings.
  2. You need to whitelist the domains and and mark both of these as deliverable emails.
    You should also mark as a trusted email.
  3. You should then request a sign-in link and check the spam folder in the webmail. Find the sign-in email and be sure to mark it as not spam.

In 90 percent of cases this will resolve the issues.

If not, be warned that Telstra Bigpond support will be of next to no assistance.

Frankly, given the ongoing frustrations with Bigpond, I'd suggest you get a free gmail address and then use the contact form to request your account email be changed.

Our friendly support team will be happy to assist in the change which will enable you to be a part of the Confidential community.

I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced but I hope you can appreciate this issue is beyond our control.

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