Cancelled and Conned

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Cancelled and Conned

The culture war is raging and the lies are everywhere. Trust and truth are the casualties.

It’s been said that the first casualty of war is truth. And I’m not just talking about the defence forces of rival nations. That’s one type of war and I’ll come to it in a moment.

There is another one that’s been playing out in society in recent years. It’s the culture war, the essential battle between freedom and oppression.

It’s a power struggle with those who want to control our lives, our thoughts and our words against those of use that celebrate the imperfectability of man and all that results.

Truth has been a casualty of that battle too.

The ‘settled science’ of climate change has produced more bogus forecasts and dodgy predictions than a system for picking lotto numbers.

We’ve also got the gender wars, which is not actually a battle between men and women but a battle to convince us all that men are women and vice versa. In some places, like Bristol University in the UK, they support the notion that people can actually be cats.

If you’re like me you think that’s totally nuts, but once you immerse yourself in this realm of make believe you can be whatever you want to be. The crazy bit is that the rest of us are expected to go along with it.

We’ve also had a pandemic of propaganda relating to COVID 19.

Again, the models have proved wrong and what were dismissed as conspiracy theories have now being recognised as true.

The origins of the virus was not natural, the question marks over the vaccines remain, mortality numbers have been manipulated, lockdowns discredited, masking data has been misleading and the lack of scientific rigour in decision making has been breathtaking.

Now there’s a new field of propaganda assaulting our senses. This time relating to a real shooting war, the one between Russia and the Ukraine.

Let me be clear, I am not excusing or supporting Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

I know there are many ethnic Russians there and many have been treated appallingly by the Ukrainian government. The answer to that problem would be a vote of the people within provinces wanting to be freed from Ukrainian rule, so that their own fate can be determined.

That would have removed Putin’s excuse for the invasion. It might not have stopped it but it would have removed the excuse.

Nonetheless, based on the reporting we have seen on this event, it’s clear we are being lied to (again) by those seeking to brainwash us into a certain frame of thought.

Like in all the other battles to manipulate our minds, those who buck the narrative are condemned, cancelled and have their character assassinated.

Have a look at how any contrary opinion, no matter how factual, was treated last night on their ABC


The host glosses over the thousands of ethnic Russians killed under Ukrainian rule…in fact the entire world has.

Then you’ve got the blatantly false imagery hitting us on social media. Here’s a video of a young girl reportedly ripping into a Russian soldier.


I hate to break it to you but that has nothing to do with the Ukraine.

The footage dates back to 2012 in the middle east. Then there were the snake island soldier. The media painted them as some sort of heroic martyrs when they actually surrendered to Russian troops.

There’s more false imagery of tanks and fighter planes….all designed to shape how we view what is going on over the other side of the world.

Again, let me be clear. I don’t like what’s going on over there and I certainly don’t want to see it get any worse.

However, my experience tells me that whenever we are presented with a single version of events and are essentially prohibited from discuss the counter narrative or testing what we are being told, then we are being conned.

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