Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Show

CBC Team
CBC Team
Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Show

Fresh from his twitter ban, mRNA invento Dr Malone unloads the truth bombs on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I did have the entire video up here but Youtube has deleted it from their site. Some clips are below and the full audio podcast.

"Our government is out of control on this and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common-rule. They have broken all the rules that I know of, that I've been trained for years and years and years."

"These mandates of an experimental vaccines are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg code. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont report."

"They are flat out illegal, and they don't care."

Dr Robert Malone

Here is the full video....on Free Speech network Rumble!

Watch grabs from the interview below.

Here is the audio podcast.

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