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Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Join me on Parler

Make sure you are prepared for the brave new world of big tech censorship.

We've all seen, read or heard about how big tech are trying to take conservatives out of the game.

Through a combination of censorship, deplatforming and demonetisation, these oligarchs are preventing you from getting the truth.

It's a new form of tyranny where they decide what you can know and who you can hear it from.

Well there are some who are fighting back and are still willing to defend free speech and the battle of ideas.  

One of them is Parler and it's why I have joined them.

Parler is a social media platform ( a bit like twitter) but without the sinister overtones of censorship and abuse that now characterises twitter.

I'll be using both to announce updates to this website (and lampoon the lefties as I feel).  Unless Twitter decides to shut me down!

I hope you'll join me at Parler by downloading the app and following me there:

@CoryBernardi - Cory Bernardi
The voice of common sense on Sky News Aust and at After 14 years as an Australian Senator the real world is liberating!

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