Lifeline of the Left

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Lifeline of the Left

The assault on our freedoms has only just begun and the US political Left have just fired a massive shot.

I’ve told you many times the political Left cannot thrive in an open and free society.

They need to control people in order for their kooky policies to even appear reasonable.

That’s why they love censorship. It’s why they work hand in glove with big tech and big media to filter what you are told.

On top of that, they actively fabricate and promote tales to discredit their opponents.

The Clinton Democrats manufactured a dossier on Donald Trump claiming he colluding with Russia and made sure it found its way to the FBI and media outlets.

The legacy media puppets pushed it as hard as they could right through the Trump presidency.

It was lies, all lies and now that people are being charged over it….the silence of these same media outlets is deafening.

And what about the Hunter Biden laptop story?

The son of the now US President has a laptop filed with porn and drug pics, dodgy emails and a very strong suggestion of corruption at the highest levels in the US government.

Even though the information was totally true, those who broke the story – the NYPost social media was shut down, filters prevented the story being shared and dozens of ‘intelligence’ officials claimed it was Russian disinformation.

The US left are among the greatest propaganda merchants in history and they have weaponised every means of communication they can lay their hands on.

But that’s still not enough.

This week the Biden regime announced the creation of a “disinformation governance board”

Of course it's just a coincidence that its come about after they Lefties lost control of their favourite news censor Twitter.

It’s to be headed up by Nina Jankowicz, who was previously an adviser to the Ukrainian Foreign ministry so I am sure she is skilled in identifying misinformation.

This board is part of Homeland Security and its remit is to basically silence anything deemed to be misinformation that’s related to homeland security.

If you think that sounds creepy and Orwellian you’re right.

The new boss, Jankowicz, was part of the crew that blamed Russia for Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell.

She also likes to sing on social media,


Let’s put this in perspective. The US Federal government is now effectively operating as the arbiter of what is and isn’t allowed to be discussed.

We know they lie when it suits them and claim those lies are truth. We know they will denounce the truth when it suits them.

Now they want to be judge, jury and executioner of what the American people can know.

It’s Orwells fictional ministry of truth from 1984 made true.

Just remember, the global left all follow the same playbook.

Labor tried something similar with their ‘hate media’ commission targeting The Australian newspaper. Kevin Rudd is still obsessively pushing this broken barrow.

We’ve seen news this week that the European Union is considering banning twitter because of its new owner.

Again, censorship is the lifeline of the Left.

The power grabbed this week by the Biden regime will be mimicked wherever it can be and that’s wherever the left can lay claim to power.

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