More Election Questions

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
More Election Questions

The questions surrounding the fairness of the US Presidential election continue. It's becoming clear why the Democrats are so opposed to the ballot audit.

I know that the political left and the social media tyrants don’t want you to know about my next topic. That’s why they censor the facts and try to shield you from the truth.

On this program, I believe in facts and think you deserve to be informed and to know the truth.

That way you can assess the data and decide for yourself.

So here are some new and inconvenient facts surrounding the audit of the 2020 US election results. That’s the election that Donald Trump got more votes than any Presidential candidate in history, except for barely there basement candidate Joe Biden.

It always surprises me that Biden can have the highest vote count in history and yet can’t get more than a handful of people to his rare appearances or a relative few tuning in to his social media events.

Many may conclude that something simply doesn’t add up.

That would certainly be the case if you rely on mathematics to inform you.

Take for instance the audit ordered by the State Senate of the ballots cast in Maricopa county in Arizona. That’s a state won by Biden even though it usually votes republican.

It’s clearly a pretty magical place because some of the results require a fair bit of conjuring to explain.

Before I give you the latest data, let me first remind you that the statewide race was decided by only 10,457 votes.

So here’s the data.

11,326 people voted who were NOT in the electoral rolls on November 7 (four days after the election) but WERE on Dec 4

74,243 mail-in ballots were received even though there is no record they were ever sent.

18,000 voted and then were removed from the rolls after the election.

There were even ballots cast on the wrong paper stock. Some might conclude these were fake ballots.

I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.

Indeed that’s what the Maricopa county elections department suggested you do when they tweeted.

Yes, apparently ineligible voters, phantom votes and fake ballots are all a result of how you do the maths when counting the result.

If you believe that then I’ve got a bridge shaped like coat-hanger over Sydney harbour to sell you.

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