Never Waste a Confected Crisis

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Never Waste a Confected Crisis

You can trust nothing you are told and must verify everything to get close to the truth

Have you ever wondered why politicians never work to prevent a crisis?

It’s because they get no credit for doing so. It’s almost impossible to convince someone you saved them from a particular event if you haven’t already convinced them that the event was going to happen in the first place.

That’s why politicians need you to be scared of something before they can be credited with saving you.

It doesn’t matter if the threat is real or manufactured.

As long as the majority believe it exists then, when it doesn’t materialise as promised, the political response gets the credit.

This process also justifies an increase in the size and influence of government. More programs, more money, more control – its all a response to saving us from one terrible fate or another.

It explains how we seem to lurch from one imminent catastrophe to the next. Over the years the populace has been scared witless by a new ice age, then catastrophic global warming,  climate change, peak oil, global famine, nuclear war, COVID, Communists and cyber attacks.

These have all been used to infringe on our liberties and curtail our freedoms.

Horror stories have also been used to justify taking us to war.

The US government made up a gulf of Tonkin attack to justify an escalation in the Vietnam war. Do you remember the claims of Kuwaiti babies being removed from incubators so the machines could be taken back to Baghdad? That was a rationale used for Gulf war 1. Then we had the Weapons of mass destruction for Gulf War 2.

Even the US involvement in WW1 was prompted by attacks on passenger liners. What they didn’t tell anyone at the time, these liners were filled with arms and munitions which made them military targets.

What about the Hunter Biden laptop story…according to media and security officials, it was discredited  Russian disinformation prior to the US presidential election… but is somehow true now.

I could go on but the point is that so much of what we are told is simply not true, deliberately deceptive or grossly exaggerated. And it’s all done for political purposes.

Frankly, the things we should all be most fearful of are those that are elected and want to rule over our lives.

Most of the problems we face today have actually been created by political responses to problems that are still with us. It’s like putting another billion dollar band-aid on an open wound.

Alarmingly,  so many of our political elites take their cue, not from experience or a values framework but from the thinking of others.

They are the ones who are lulled by the sweet sounds of lobbyists promising electoral solutions if only government will throw a few million or a couple of billion in the direction of their clients.

You’ve also got the unelected global players. We’ve spoken about them before. Groups like the World Economic Forum Run by Klaus Schwab.

It’s a gaggle of uber rich people who really do want to control the world….maybe not directly but they want to be able to pull the strings of government and international bureaucracies alike.

That’s why Schwab boasts of infiltrating cabinets with his acolytes.


He’s got strong connections with activist billionaires like Bill Gates and George Soros, as well as with the United Nations.

Frankly, the mention of those individuals and groups doesn’t fill me with visions of liberty loving freedom fighters.

In fact it’s quite the opposite. An examination of their advocacy suggests their goal is more about control and centralisation of power ( in the vested elites of course) rather than the advancement of humanity.

Incredibly, while it’s all hiding there in plain site, it seems most people prefer ignorance or lies to accepting the truth. To quote a line in a famous film, “you can’t handle the truth.”

Most politicians will do their utmost to hide it from you too.

Most, but not all. One who is different from most is Senator Alex Antic.

You’ve met him on this show before. But this week he gave a very powerful speech in the senate on the nefarious actions of the WEF and their grubby impact on global politics.

He also highlighted the authoritarian and Marxist ideology underpinning their actions.


It’s about time one of our politicians belled the cat on this mob. We know the mainstream media won’t. They have become what Lenin and Stalin would have referred to as ‘useful idiots.’

But they, the media and politicians clearly think that we are the idiots.

That’s the only reason I can think of that they would be so unashamedly brazen in their distortions of the truth.

Former US President Ronald Reagan once famously said ‘trust but verify’.

If her were alive today, I suspect he’d rephrase it to something more akin to ‘trust nothing, verify everything’.

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