No Time for Empathy Training

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
No Time for Empathy Training

There's a new training cult doing the rounds. The solution to our woes is empathy training. Naturally, I have no time for it.

Have you ever heard of empathy training? Until earlier this week neither had I.

Apparently though, it’s all the rage among the public servants and other collectives where someone else picks up the tab while you get time off work to be brainwashed.

It’s also pretty popular among National Party MPs. Actually, it’s not popular at all but they were all forced to undergo empathy training by the Big Mac of empathy, Nationals leader Michael McCormack.

No word on who picked up the tab for that session of Kum Ba Yah reflection but I am sure it will be evident in their parliamentary conduct. Expect the chamber to be filled with interjections of joy and empathy.

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