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Partner Program Open

We have officially launched our referral program. Find out how you can get involved in growing our community.

Trump vs Biden First Debate

The US Presidential debates may help decide who leads the free world. Share your views on who won and why.

The Value of Money

The brave new economic world means we have to reassess how we value money.

Banking on a Bailout?

The government has changed the responsible lending laws. Does that mean more irresponsible lending at taxpayer's expense?

Unspecial K

The economic recovery all depends on which part of the financial escalator you are on.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

While the figures for Covid-19 infections likely accurate, the mortality statistics prompt more questions than answers.

A Sign of the Times

The PM's efforts to learn Auslan has prompted me to ask a question that I have privately pondered. Perhaps you can provide the answer .

Victoria's Secret Police

The latest repugnant proposal put forward by the Victorian Government is a version of East Germany's notorious secret police, the Stasi.

The Curley Effect

The destructive policies of a 20th century politician are evident in Victoria's response to Coronavirus.

The Digital Oligarchs

Despite the promises of personal empowerment via digital platforms, the tech titans have now become the tyrants of censorship.

A World in Disorder

A new report exposes the true cost behind the Corona panic and sets the scene for what is to come.

Transport Arbitrage

Thanks to technology and competition, there's an easy way to save big money on your transport costs.

Hosting Sharri on Sky

China's 'wolf-warrior diplomacy', Donald Trump and a rift in Aussie politics. It's all up for discussion when I hosted Sharri on Sky.

Never Waste a Crisis

The globalists are using Covid-19 to further their agenda of international socialism and global government.

The Danger of Big Government

If you aren't worried about the size and reach and power of government, you must have missed what's happening in the State of Victoria

When Change Becomes Permanent?

The cultural shift brought about by Covid-19 could become permanent. That has huge potential implications for us all.

The New Cold War

Diplomatic tensions with our largest trading partner could escalate into something much worse.

Crypto Update 2

Month two and the crypto portfolio has taken a hit after its early success.

Vagaries and Indulgence

Even when you think you know where you're going, sometimes you end up somewhere else. That's what happened to me today!

Trump is Hope of the West

When the most powerful nation on Earth chooses its President, the result will impact us all.