Sick of COVID

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Sick of COVID

The incessant misinformation about COVID can make you sicker than the actual disease.

I'm sick of COVID. It now seems all of my friends are getting it and none of them have been very ill.

Most describe it as a flu like condition, the worst of which passes after a couple of days. I certainly hope that's the case as I'll be returning to the city of Adelaide tomorrow and will likely catch it myself.

Thank goodness I have some Ivermectin and other early treatment options ready to go.

There's no guarantee they will work but they have proved spectacularly effective in places like India.

Here are the contents of the isolation kit distributed to residents in Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and a chart detailing cases and deaths per million of population across various nations.

The chart paints a compelling picture.

On October 19 in Uttar Pradesh, at least 71 out of 75 districts  reported zero fresh Covid-19 cases and 42 districts continued to remain COVID free. This is despite having a very low vaccination rate.

Given that there is no evidence of harm to people following these early intervention protocols in the recommended dosages, it makes one wonder why they aren't available here (and around the world).

The cost is negligible and even if they only work for some people, it would surely be better than doing nothing and hoping you don't get seriously ill.

Hope is the current treatment for early COVID infection.  

That's because the medical profession and politicians  have effectively denied access to these treatments. It's actually worse than that because the media have also removed the ability to even talk about them.

No major media outlet will allow guests, presenters or writers to discuss the proven effectiveness of these early intervention treatments.

Those who try to raise it are cancelled (like Craig Kelly MP) or banned from platforms like Facebook and Twitter (Alex Berenson).

Why the fear of discussing inexpensive, safe and possibly life saving treatment?

The answer is most likely money and power. Some people are getting very wealthy from this pandemic while others love the authority they have seized.

Eventually this virus will run its course and become a seasonal problem just like Influenza. The powers that be will claim that is as a result of the measures taken over the last two years.

That won't be true but given how much nonsense the public have accepted over the past two years, the mob who made such a mess of it may just get away with the final misinformation campaign.

Thought for the Day

“The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.”
Garry Kasparov

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