The Bugatarians Are Coming

CBC Team
CBC Team
The Bugatarians Are Coming

Here's Cory's opening editorial from hosting Paul Murray Live on Tuesday.

If I mentioned Crickets what springs to mind?

You might think it’s the uniquely Australian colloquialism suggesting silence. Some of you might even think about our national sport.

But I bet there aren’t too many who’s mind immediately jumps to food.

Trust me, it won’t be long until you do because the Bugatarians are coming. That’s if the woke world gets its way.

The wokesters don’t like the idea of you eating meat.

Apparently your natural carnivorous instinct is bad for the planet so they want to stop you from enjoying tasty pork, lamb, beef and chicken.

That’s why people like Bill Gates are pouring piles of money into plant based protein solutions.

Others, like the World Economic Forum are pushing insect protein as the way forward.

The Canadian government has just invested $8.5 million to ‘support the building of a commercial facility to produce cricket protein’.

It’s all about tackling food scarcity with a low environmental footprint.

But the future is already here with a range of bugs already available on the menu.

Here’s some Jalapeno Puffs available in Canada. Crickets are already listed, along with the allergy warning.

You can head to Amazon and pick up a mixed bag of edible bugs including silk worms, crickets and grasshoppers.

Or why not dine on some Manchurian scorpions, some pizza superworms or maybe some gourmet black ants.

This is the future the elites see for all of us.

If you doubt it, just head over to the world Economic Forum. That’s the crew of global elites who are trying to shape the world in their image.

Their website states that there is an impeding global food crisis and that insects could be the answer to meeting our food demands of the future.

I’m not sure that I am ready for that, but if you are, let me know how you like your local larvae.  I’ll stick with the four legged protein providers.

Rugby Overreaction

I never like seeing some of the idiot fans yelling abuse at players and officials.

It might e forgivable, but never excusable, by some inebriated teenager, but watching adults make total idiots of themselves in any stadium is bad form.

Rugby got a taste of it last week as one beer fuelled punter decided to have a crack at former Wallabies – and now England coach – Eddie Jones.

He called him a traitor, sparking a furious response by Jones.

It’s a terrible sledge and totally unnecessary. I can understand why Jones wasn’t happy.

You can even tell the punter was embarrassed when he was called out.

But now there is talk of stripping him of his SCG membership and  having him sanctioned by his employer – which happens to be the  rival CH 9 network.

Apparently the sledge is considered as having brought the SCG and its patrons into disrepute.

For crying out loud. This isn’t a hanging offence.

A supporter got a bit carried away, clearly regretted it when he was called out by the victim, and then apologised.

What more do we need here?

It isn’t a hanging offence and frankly, it’s no worse that the muck we see our politicians – and some of our media presenters – hurling at others  all the time.

We are becoming a nation of wusses.

Speaking of Wusses…

Sometimes its wise to ignore the total flog in your midst. It saves everyone the angst of confrontation and the fool usually moves on to annoy someone else.

Unfortunately there is another level of tosser who hypocritically preaches from the public pulpit in.a desperate attempt to maintain some sort of relevance.

That’s the person formally known as Prince Harry.

I hesitate to call him a man lest his wife be offended by the use of a gender affirming title. People like me think he surrendered his masculinity when he jumped on the woke wagon with a Hollywood C lister who became his wife.

Even Harry’s mates thought he was ‘f*#!ing nuts’ for dating Markle according to a new book by Tom Bower.

After a weekend with his Eton pals to meet his new master, they were all treated to a  barrage of reprimands for their ‘jokes about sexism, feminism and transgender people'.

Sounds like a pretty regular bunch of blokey banter to me.

But the weekend was a let down because the human fun sponge ‘lacked any sense of humour' and was a ‘dampener on the party’.

It's never a good sign when your mates don’t like your pick of life companion.

That didn’t stop the former prince from proceeding with his nuptials and after a couple of years of being held captive in royal castles, royal jets, royal yachts and royal events, this dynamic duo managed to flee their captors.

That’s clearly what qualifies Harry to give a speech to the United Nations for Nelson Mandela International Day.

I mean, Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years and went on to be President of South Africa and a role model fro many. The parallels with Harry and Meghan are eerie.

In his speech, Harry blasted the ‘assault on democracy and freedom’ referring to his expert knowledge of the US constitution while also mentioning the weaponising of lies and disinformation at the expense of many.

I guess that’s why he doesn’t watch democratic media  shills like CNN or MSNBC.

They’ve repeatedly been exposed as proponents of fake news.

But no pious former prince could lay claim to moral superiority without channelling their inner Greta Thunberg and firing up about climate change.

It’s so important that he, and the former princess captive, need to fly private jets around the world to tell everyone else to stop emitting fumes.

According to Harry:

The right thing to do is not up for debate, and neither is the science...The only question is whether we will be brave enough and wise enough to do what is necessary?”

What is necessary dear Harry, is for the world to ignore you and your wife’s hypocritical posturing as you live an enchanted life of being total tossers.

You should have paid more attention to your mates.

It’s a Race ….to the Dump

Do you remember when former PM Scott Morrision told us the vaccine rollout wasn’t a race?

He was widely panned for that claim by his political opponents.

However it now seems there is a race on, this time to know what to do with the tens of millions of doses of unused vaccines stockpiled around the country.

During the ‘non-race’ period, Australia stockpiled 255 million doses of various vaccines. That’s enough for about 10 jabs for every single Aussie.

Why on earth we’d order that many is anyones guess, although tossing billions of borrowed dollars at the big pharma companies should have rung at least some alarm bells.

It turns out we only used about a quarter of what we ordered and have been struggling to even give the rest away.

So far we’ve donated 40 million doses to other countries in our region. That still leaves us with tens of millions of doses of vaccines with a rapidly approaching use date.

Apparently we are even contractually on the hook for more of what we aren’t using.

So far, we’ve used 25 of the available Astrazeneca, 33% of Pfizer, 18% of Moderna and 0.32% of Novavax.

It’s all so alarming that the minister, Mark Butler has ordered a review of Australia’s vaccine agreements. It’s going to be led by Jane Halton, a former WHO board member and chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

That’s a global body responsible for ensuring that the COVID vaccines were distributed fairly.

While Ms Halton is an accomplished health bureaucrat, appointing one of the people responsible for the rollout of the vaccines to determine our future contractual obligations, and why we have wasted so much money on jabs we’ll never use, seems a bit like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

The State of Victoria police

There’s something rotten in the state of Victoria.

No I’m not talking about the Andrews government but the state of the Victorian police.

In the past week, they’ve been forced to apologise to an accredited journalist Avi Yemeni for arresting him three times while doing his job during the pandemic.

Then there is the case of Monica Smit, who featured on the Bolt report last night. She was charged with incitement and jailed for 26 days for refusing onerous bail conditions. Those conditions included deleting ay information from her website critical of the Andrews’ government handling of the pandemic.

Jailed, for daring to criticise a state government.

Anyway, the Smit case was dropped by Victoria police this week because ‘its no longer in the public interest’.

And then there is the case of photojournalist Luis Ascui.

He was pepper sprayed by Victoria police while working for the Age newspaper at the protests last year.

He had a  press permit – on full display, was carrying three cameras and had a protective helmet on. That didn’t stop the jackbooted vicpol from pepper spraying him.

They’ve now reached a confidential settlement with Luis.

This is the state of policing in Australias most left wing state. Remind me what country we are living in again – North Korea, China, Iran…

The performance of Victoria police has been nothing sort of a disgrace.

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