The New Religion of the Left

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
The New Religion of the Left

The marxist left are trying to replace Christianity with a religion all of their own.

Many people have noticed the not so subtle war on Christianity by the Godless left in recent times.

It’s a deliberate strategy designed to bring down a pillar of western civilisation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a person of faith or not, the principles upon which our society has been built are inherently linked to Christian belief.

The lefties have been chipping away at it since Marxism identified religion as the creation of capitalists. They set about spreading atheism through cultural channels which has effectively created this cultural industry  incorporating critical theory and cultural studies.

You see Marxism isn’t just an economic theory, it actually sets out to alter human reality and the cultural Marxism we see today is about redefining what we know and expecting us to accept something that it is not.

Think about it. We are told you can change your gender irrespective of biology but it gets worse than that.

In this crazed world , you can change almost any personal truth by merely claiming a new identity.

But the Marxist agenda isn’t limited to destroying religion – and in particular Christianity. It is about dominating people and suppressing individualism. In doing so, they are actually creating a new religion where the elites and the state are the new objects of worship.

It’s taken on a new fervour since COVID as leaders in the west have sought to maintain their new found powers to rule over their subjects.

We all know that politicians never relinquish power voluntarily. In their eyes, every problem they face is a product of not enough authority over you and not enough money from you.

That’s why they are hastily establishing a swathe of institutions, regulations and technologies that are all about maintaining their authority over you.

We’ve had vaccine mandates, covid passports, lockdowns, forced business closures, mask mandates, universal welfare and stay home money.

Now they are planning vaccine ID systems, privacy busting central bank digital currencies, social credit systems and digital identity requirements to use the Internet.

Every aspect of these, and other plans, should worry anyone with the capacity to think.

The problem is that after seeing how gullible and compliant people were in accepting the incursions on their liberty during the last couple of years, the politicians think they’ll get away with it.

Importantly, it’s not one country going it alone.  No, it’s a coordinated approach by Western governments to establish global bodies to oversee the rollout of what they want.

It’s a protective measure.

Firstly they can reference each other as justification for why it’s necessary and secondly, it’s a way to pretend that what they’ve done in recent years is normal.

The fervour on which it is being promoted smacks of the ancient religious zealots with heretics being cast out, non-worshippers ‘re-educated’ and pagans burnt at the stake.

Religions need three things. An appealing story, a committed clergy and a central authority.

Our modern cultural Marxism has all three.

The story starts with just about any cause – take your pick:

Maybe the climate change apocalypse, or a pandemic panic. Perhaps rampant racism or trendy transgenderism is your gospel of choice.

They have all been hijacked to circumvent societal norms and divide those who comply with woke ‘morality’ versus the others.

The gospel is determined by a cabal of powerful players and it trickles down through the clergy who reside in the various NGOs like Greenpeace, BLM, the Greens Party, ESG compliance agencies and the like.

These are readily identifiable because they are usually associated with words like ‘ethical’, ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ and ‘diversity’.

As to the HQ – well the desire is to have the global authority reside in the UN with its various arms controlled by its sub-agencies.

That’s why governments are falling over themselves to have globally coordinated agreements to ‘solve’ these pressing problems.

It’s the surrender of national sovereignty to the all wise wizards hiding behind the curtains at the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the like.

As far-fetched as this may sound to you, it’s actually well underway.

Few are actually aware of what’s going on and fewer still seem to even care about what it means for all of us.

It’s about less freedom,  less choice for us, and more power, more control for them.

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