The Real Contagion is Madness

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
The Real Contagion is Madness

Political decision making is descending into the real of madness and it's dragging us all down with it.

I’m really worried about Australia. I worry about our way of life, our political system and our future.

We are slowly descending into a virtual police state where reason has been abandoned in favour of draconian attacks on our basic rights.

There were two things that happened yesterday that demonstrated to me just how far we have fallen already.

The first was in Victoria where appalling legislation was passed. No, I’m not referring to the Pandemic Bill, which is appalling.

I am talking about the sex work decriminalisation bill which I learned has recently passed the lower house.

Now what you think about the world’s oldest profession is none of my business, but this bill exposes the total hypocrisy of the Victorian government in respect to rights and discrimination.

Firstly, clause 8 of the bill removes the requirement for safe sex practices between prostitutes and clients.

It seems odd when so much has been made over such a long period of time that safe sex was vital for public health - to prevent the transmission of STDs and HIV.

I suppose the powers that be must think the Vic medical system isn’t under that much strain after all.

The Bill also abolishes mandatory testing for sexually transmitted infections and allows sex workers who know they have an STD to keep working. This change has been made in order to, and I quote ‘remove discriminatory, industry-specific public health offences'.

It also makes it illegal for a property owner to refuse to rent their properties for legal sex work - again to prevent discrimination.

What happened to property rights? Can’t owners choose who can rent their properties anymore.

The Fed government made it illegal to kick non paying tenants out last year and now they are telling us we have to accept sex workers.

Who or what is going to be next?

Remember, this is the state that passed a pandemic bill that now fines individuals and businesses 90K and 450K respectively if they don’t obey the dictates of the Premier in respect to public health orders.

You can also go to jail for up to two years if deemed to have breached an order designed to keep the public safe.

I can only conclude that having unprotected sex for money, while knowingly being infected with an STD or a dangerous and highly contagious virus  is no longer a threat to public safety or health.

As wrong as I think these laws are, at least they went through the Parliament.

In the marshmallow state of South Australia, the Public Health Officer doing the Premiers job, has decreed that after 14 December you can’t come into the state unless you have been double jabbed with an experimental mRNA vaccine.

Even if you live there, pay rates and levies there… you can’t get in unless you comply with this non-compulsory medical procedure or some health bureaucrat provides you with an exemption.

Even then,  you could find yourself detained without charge for 14 days in a medi-hotel while they wait and see if you have the latest pizza box strain or whatever happens to be the variant of fear for that particular month.

Those rules have never been through parliament, never been voted on by the people who are elected to represent the residents of SA.

It’s an extraordinary coincidence that just as the South Australian pandemic emergency law authority expired, the Parliament was shut down by a COVID scare linked to the most benign strain of covid yet – Omicrom.

It also a coincidence that Marshall’s disgraced former Attorney General, who stood aside last week after losing a no confidence motion, was also suspended from the parliament.

That left the hapless SA government without the numbers and, just like Diedre Chambers turning up at events around Porpoise Spit, what a coincidence, the Parliament had to shut down under health orders.

That’s justification enough to keep the emergency powers running without further parliamentary scrutiny or endorsement.

Hard to believe that people are so cynical about politics isn’t it.  

They're also a bit cynical about the politics attached to science….or should that be the science now attached to politics.

Despite all sorts of promises of flattening the curve, life going back to normal and opening up again, these words have proved as empty as the vessels uttering them.

The science tells us that the double jabbed people can still catch and pass on the virus which seems to make a mockery of these ‘health’ decisions built around vaccines.

On Thursday evening at Adelaide Airport, Senator Alex Antic was led away by police to be forcibly detained in a medi-hotel because supposedly he isn’t vaccinated and was denied entry into the State he represents as a Senator.

Remember, this is a perfectly healthy man who is elected to represent the State prevented from doing his duties by unelected bureaucrats.

At the height of the Pandemic, Premier Marshmallow allowed himself to go to his child’s graduation ceremony in Queensland but now that the curve is flattened and 80% of people are vaccinated, a Senator was actually denied entry to his home state.

It was only weeks ago that Premier in name only Steven Marshall, was boasting about home quarantine being the future.

I am not surprised given his governments appalling performance record on the health of those in these state sponsored solitary confinement.

Again, these rules didn’t go through Parliament.

They are decrees from someone never elected to any representative office who has been given that power by an impotent Premier.

He’s not alone. The entire country is in the grip of this madness and the current crop of politicians -  State and Federal - have allowed it to happen.

Let me remind you,  that there is no vaccine mandate, no vaccine passport. There is no compulsion to undergo any medical procedure at all in this country.

That is unless you want to go to the pub, cross state lines or have any semblance of a normal life.

The message is clear, the unvaccinated have to become vaccinated in order to protect the vaccinated from becoming infected.

Sure, the unclean can mix with the clean at the supermarket, they’re just prevented from visiting some local GPs.  

You can have a good old time at the local brothel ( without practicing safe sex) just not enjoy a new do at your local hairdresser.

What is going on in this country is madness.

Frankly, we are being led like the proverbial lemmings over the cliff of liberty, by bureaucrats with no idea of the damage they are doing and hapless politicians who are allowing them to do it.

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