Unleashing the Inner Child

Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
Unleashing the Inner Child

As society has reduced or eliminated the social construct related to being a child, we are seeing the consequences into adulthood.

Back in the era known as pre-idiocy, boundaries were applied to behaviour and children learned that there are good and bad consequences related to their actions.

Good parents sought to teach their children right from wrong and how civil society has expectations of how one should behave.

Naturally, some of those expectations change over time as we learn more and build upon that lived experience. That's how we progress.

However, in recent decades we have seen the virtual abandonment of some cherished principles that have provided the preparation for adulthood.

There no longer seems any right and wrong, more an indulgence of what's good for you is ok and the rest of us must adapt.

Let me give you one personal perspective.

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