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Let Cory run the common sense filter across the portfolio of current affairs to give you a perspective on the news you won't find anywhere else.


"Common sense isn't common!" How often have you heard words to that effect in the chaos of modern life?

It seems the more 'evolved' society becomes the more we abandon the wisdom of lived human experience in favour of social experiments. That's what it feels like to me anyway... perhaps you feel the same way?

Part of the wonder of civilisation is that we see further and stand stronger today because of the lessons our ancestors learned. Their success and failure allows us to draw from that well of experience to enjoy more success today.

Unfortunately, the well of common sense is scarcely being used any more as a new bunch of social theorists  seek to shape our lives according to their rules.

We see it in almost every aspect of our daily lives. The education system has all but abandoned traditional learning methods. History is being rewritten while numeracy and literacy standards are growing steadily worse.

Few in our political ranks can be deemed 'conviction politicians' any more as political expediency becomes more important than a principled and consistent decision-making framework.

Even our social interactions are experiencing a reduction in basic courtesies and good manners.

It's made all the more frustrating by the perpetual cheerleading for the new order from many in the mainstream media. The shape facts to support their opinion and mask opinion as news.

We don't do that here. Of course this is an opinion site but I use the common sense filter to sort fact from fiction. Sometimes that's hard to take because it may challenge your own views but everything I post is built around consistent principles  and logic.

I don't change my views for convenience or to be applauded by those opining at the ABC ( or anywhere else) . I call it as I see it and you don't have to agree with me to get the benefit of another perspective.

That said, I suspect you'll find a lot to support in my writings and if you have a different point of view you are invited to share it.

After all, isn't that what makes this life so interesting? We all have different skills, gifts, talents and experiences. Only by sharing them (and sometimes disagreeing) can we truly hope to challenge ourselves and  others.

Become part of the Confidential crew. We'll both be pleased you did.

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