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September 30, 2020
Adelaide, South Australia

Let me start by welcoming the hundreds of new subscribers that joined the Confidential community last night.

It's no coincidence that so many registered after the endorsement of Paul Murray from Sky News.  The great man discovered the Confidential community recently and loves what we are doing. I hope you enjoy it too.

This weeks email is going out a couple of hours earlier than usual. That's because I'll be tuning in to the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden and if you are watching too, I'd love to know what you think.

There will be a full write up on the Confidential website about the debate later this afternoon (comments are open now) but here's what I expect to happen in the next ninety minutes!

Donald Trump will be the chaotic, random and brilliant communicator he usually is. As a result, he'll be fact checked on every loose word and the Democrat media machine will attack him post debate for 'everything'.

He'll be labelled as either being too tough on Biden or not landing a blow on Biden; an embarrassment and a hapless President. In other words, it will be business as usual for the never-Trumpers in the media!

Biden will have spent his recent lucid moments memorising a few talking points. He'll  repeat these again and again...although it's likely each iteration will mangle the English language a little more than the one before.

He may even merge a few random talking points together into an amalgam of Biden wisdom that few will understand.

The Democrat candidate will be hailed a spectacular success by his cheerleaders just for staying  sentient for the entire ninety minutes . None of them will call him out on his history of lies or lack of mental acuity.

And here's the thing. None of it will make a jot of difference to the end result. Many Americans will already have made up their minds and few will be changed by this first debate.

I was in New York for the last election and I saw Trump perform really well and very poorly during the debates. The only one that seemed to have any impact was the final one.

There's a long way to go in this Presidential race and I am still backing Trump despite the size of the corrupt political war machine set against him.

Hit the Confidential website later this afternoon for my take on what goes down but the comments are already open if you want to share your perspective.

Click here to engage in Trump vs Biden First Debate discussion

This week the Prime Minister showed he's been learning some new skills. Full credit to him for doing so and for supporting a worthy cause.

However, it also prompted me to ask a question that I've been fearful of raising publicly before now. Maybe you can answer it for me!

Click here to read A Sign of the Times

Over the years, it's been a repeated theme of mine to advise people to look behind the news they are presented with. This week I delved a little deeper into the fear-mongering surrounding Covid-19.

The raw data tells a vastly different tale than what many in public life will have you believe (all in their own interest of course).  If this doesn't wake you up to the alarmism that is trying to keep you scared then nothing will.

Click here to read Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Of course the pandemic is more about redesigning the economy than improving your health. As you can expect, this 'Great Reset' will look after the elites while driving the divide between rich and poor to even greater levels.

As those changes come into effect, read what section of the economic escalator you're likely to be on.

Click here to read Unspecial K

It is always fun to do In My View on Sky News. Every panellist gets to push a point of view and take others to task for theirs.

This week I had a crack at those who borrow and lend without prudence and then try to blame everyone else for their credit troubles.

You can read my perspective and watch the debate that ensued. Feel free to share your own perspective.

Click here to read Banking on a Bailout

This week I've also been pondering the worth of money. Yes I know it has utility and is a measure of keeping score but that might be on the cusp of change.

The wisdom of the ages about saving for a rainy day ain't what it used to be because some argue that cash is essentially worthless. Find out why anyone would say that.

Click here to read The Value of Money

Before I go, the final September book giveaway will be taking place tomorrow.

I'll be choosing ten people who leave a comment on any of this weeks blog posts, with five reserved for opinions on the Trump/Biden showdown.

So if you'd like the chance to win a book just visit the Confidential website and make your presence known.  

I'll be there and hope you'll join me.

Until next week


P.S - Just to confirm, everyone who leaves a comment on the Confidential website in the next 24 hours has a chance of winning one of ten books.
Five books will be given to those who leave a comment on the Presidential Debate post .

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