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October 14, 2020
Adelaide, South Australia

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

That adaption from Burns' 'To a Mouse' seems apt for me this week.

As mentioned last week, my relocation to Coffin Bay was intended for over a month. This week I find myself back in Adelaide staying in a comfy city hotel rather than shucking oysters on the waterfront!

It's all good though. The reason for heading back was to host Across Australia - a television show broadcast through the WIN network. It's been fun and interesting and I've also learnt a lot in the process.

I guess the 'flexibility' of plans is a pre-requisite of modern life. We have to be able to adapt routines to manage the changes occurring around us. It's certainly true of this year where work adaption has been a major theme.

The Federal government has also adapted to the circumstances. There's no more talk of a budget surplus or more limited government, rather they have done whatever they think it will take to keep the country afloat.

However, there is some more agility that needs to be demonstrated in respect to our economic reliance on China. The threat this week by the CCP about stopping our coal exports sent a shiver through some political and business spines.

You might be surprised just how much of our economy depends on Chinese demand. Managing that opportunity while maintaining our independence is the great diplomatic challenge of our time.

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I think a few of our state politicians could also learn a thing or two about managing risk versus reward. This week we saw a spectacular lack of judgement by one Premier while the long-suspected cover-up by another, finally claimed a scalp.

There's a lot more to go in both cases but here's my initial take on the events in NSW.

Click here to read why Gladys Should Go

The Victorian fiasco raises broader matters of the cosy relationship between politicians and the press - most notably the failure of the ABC to do its job. They aren't alone in their hopelessness but we should all be grateful for the work of one courageous media commentator.

Click here to read Political Cover-Up

Speaking of courage, if you dare challenge the zeitgeist of gender theory or trans rights you best be prepared for a full on assault. Complaint lawfare has been targeted at one female politician for daring to say that blokes shouldn't be playing in women's sports. I happen to agree with her.

Click here to read XX Marks the Sport

We all know it's not just the trans-activists that want to shut down any opposing voices. The cancel culture has permeated almost every aspect of society. Apparently it's because everyone has 'unconcious bias'. I call it having culture, wisdom and discernment.

Click here to read The Unconscious Bias of Being Discerning

Finally, in case you thought the world couldn't get any crazier, find out why a property owner had to compensate the grafitti artists who did their thing on his building.   It reminded me of some lessons from history about why property rights aren't quite as secure as you might think.

Click here to read Property Rights Under Attack

That's a bumper edition of Confidential content. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for being part of our common sense community.

Until next week.


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