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October 21, 2020
Coffin Bay, South Australia

I am back in Oyster Town, safely observing the madness at work in the world.

My ability to travel within South Australia seems to have upset a few victims of Premier Dan's home detention policy who have let me know just how frustrated they are.

You can't really blame Victorians for being disgruntled. They are the victims of everything the common sense community is opposed to.

For years we have warned of the perils of over-reaching government, the need to protect our liberty, the culpability of the news media and the danger of a disengaged populace.

Those concerns have all come to the fore during the coronavirus mania and worst of all, the political tyrants look like being rewarded for it with re-election. The fear generated in our community has resulted in a political version of Stockholm Syndrome.

Unfortunately I suspect the real oppression has only just begun and things will get worse in the years ahead. It's what comes next that should really worry us.

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While the people seem to be grateful to their political saviours right now, there are so many damning consequences of their actions that go mostly under reported.

These seem to be treated as mere 'asides' by the mainstream media but they will have long-term consequences for all of us. The real legacy of 2020 will be a busted budget and a broken society.

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For many of us, the internet has been a blessing this year. It's been the enabler of communications, business and entertainment during an unprecedented time. Even though digital contact is not asd good as personal time, the advent of video calling, tele-medicine and social media has helped many.

Unfortunately, the internet has become the new battleground of freedom as a dark, authoritarian presence seeks to control what we can and cannot see.

The digital news censors are alive and well and making massive profits at your expense.

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Speaking of censors, the PC marxists manufacture new offences to suit their agenda almost every day. This week allowed us a close-up look at the offence-making process that operates within the leftist mind.

It's a bit like knowing how a sausage is produced, it leaves you feeling a bit queasy but in this case, the end product doesn't even taste good. In fact, the bitter poison of confected outrage is dangerous and alarmingly contagious.

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With so many new fronts being opened in the culture wars, it's easy to think we have vanquished some of our previous foes.

Regrettably, terrible events this week demonstrate that thought is more hope over logic. The enemies of the West haven't gone away.

Like many evil-doers, they just lay dormant looking for a moment to strike. That's why we can never forget the multiple threats we continually face.

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I wish there was better news to share this week but I call it as I see it. Sometimes that means we have to highlight the bad and the ugly.

Next week, I'll look for the good...I promise!

Until then, stay safe and be happy.


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P.P.S - I'll also be opening a new Ask Me Anything post for Premium Members tomorrow. I hope you'll take the time to join me online for a full and frank Q & A.

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