Ideas, Information & Opinion You Can't Ignore.

This website is dedicated to helping YOU cut through the spin and BS of the world we live in.

Everyone seems to have an agenda: political, financial or social; and it’s often so well hidden it can be difficult to spot. It helps to have a guide to help navigate through it.

That’s where Confidential comes in.

Every week, Cory Bernardi provides actionable advice on how to be better informed, improve your finances and hearten your health.  

He ‘unscrambles the egg’ of current events and shares the unfiltered facts. His assessment can be tough, it can be brutal and it can be too much for some people to handle but his track record speaks for itself.

During nearly 14 years as an Australian Senator, Cory developed a reputation as a courageous and unapologetic advocate for principle.  

Cory has a unique insight into the events that impact all our lives and casts a sanitising light on politics and the mainstream media. That’s how he grew his Weekly Dose of Common Sense email to over 150,000 subscribers…speaking truth to power and unravelling fact from fiction.

But Cory’s credentials aren't limited to the political arena.

Prior to entering the Senate he spent over a decade as a financial adviser, business owner and investment manager. He understands business, investment and finance and he makes it easy for you to benefit from his experience too.

Before business, Cory was a part of the Australian rowing team competing at international regatta’s including the Henley Royal Regatta, US Nationals and the World Rowing Championships. He is still an active sportsman today participating in trail running, kite boarding and martial arts.

Cory believes in the adage of being ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’ and that’s the information he shares with subscribers through Confidential.

However it isn’t a one way street. This website is run for members.

Not only do they get access to the regularly updated content but they get to have their questions answered in a weekly published Q&A that covers an array of topics.  

You can ask Cory anything...nothing is off limits!

Members can also submit comments in response to particular posts which are then shared for the benefit of others.

The content in Confidential is direct and to the point. It is designed to inform, entertain and save you time.

After all, time is the only asset we never get back so we need to make every moment count.

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