If You Think the World has Gone Totally Mad...You're Now in the Right Place.

If You Think the World has Gone Totally Mad...You're Now in the Right Place.

We all know that government isn't our friend.

The politicians care more about themselves than they do about us.

That's why we all need to cut through the political spin and understand what is really going on.

That's where Cory Bernardi can help.

He's spent 14 years in the Australian Senate and been publishing unfiltered insights into the murky world of politics for a dozen years.

The Weekly Dose of Common Sense email is sent out every Wednesday morning to thousands of subscribers just like you.

They are all people who are fed up with being treated like mushrooms...they are tired of being kept in the dark and fed a pile of manure.

If you are sick of the BS and want a no-nonsense view of politics, business and current events, then you need to subscribe to the FREE Weekly Dose of Common Sense newsletter.

Here's what some of our thousands of readers have to say

"It is so good to read the truth about what is happening in the world and have it written by someone with so much common sense."
- Anne
"Great to have a regular email containing links that counterbalance the mainstream media narrative."
- Michael
I am always interested to get Cory's point of view on what is happening both here in Australia and around the world. Cory brings intelligence, common sense, sanity, and truthfulness into politics. I also like how Cory speaks honestly about the LNP party as well as the woke left.
- Andrew
Cory is one of the few voices of reason in this crazy world. He is very well informed and unafraid to call out the socialist agendas so prevalent in today's world. Confidential is my first stop to get truthful and intelligent analysis of world events. Thank you Cory.
- Stephen
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